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Bethel Baptist Church was founded in 1901. The governance of Bethel Baptist church is composed of five distinct, but interwoven groups or individuals who are members of the church.  These five groups are pastoral staff, lay elders, deacons, ministry coordination team leaders, and members.


The senior pastor directs the preaching of the Word and he is a member of the elders and the chief administrative officer of the church.  His job description and responsibilities are defined by the council of elders. Other staff, under the direction of the senior pastor facilitate, lead, and administrate various ministries and functions within the church.


Lay elders lead the church through the ministry of the Word, prayer, and all other precedents set forth in the New Testament and are responsible for holding each other accountable as well as the church body. 


Deacons are servants of the church tasked with carrying out responsibilities of service to unify the body of Christ. 


Ministry coordination team leaders assume roles of leadership in ministry that move the mission and vision of the church forward. 


Members are those individuals that are the foundation for building the mission and sharing the gospel in our community.  Each and every one of these groups/individuals are bound together by the church’s statement of faith and Member’s covenant.


Church infrastructure is composed of all the programs and organizational structures that make Bethel a disciple-making church. Though a church is indeed an organic “body of Christ,” it also has many functions that have to be organized, managed, and implemented. We work with excellence to make sure that these “programs” are of the highest caliber and are filled with the life of Jesus.


Bethel Baptist Church is affiliated with Converge, formerly the Baptist General Conference (BGC) and Converge Worldwide.  Converge is an evangelical Baptist Christian denomination  introduced by Swedish Baptists that emerged to the United States in the 19th century. Converge is affiliated with the Baptist World Alliance and the National Association of Evangelicals.

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Statements of Faith

What one believes is at the core of everything one does throughout life. Here are the foundations we stand on.

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