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GOOD READS recommended by Pastor Aaron Adams.

If you would like to REVIEW these books a copy is available to look at in the Lobby.

Should you desire to purchase this book you may obtain your copy online.

Suggested providers:  Christianbook Distributors or Amazon


THE GOSPEL COMES WITH A HOUSE KEY by Rosaria Butterfield. What is your everyday testimony for Jesus supposed to look like? Often we think our witness for Christ needs to be something fancy or profound. In reality, like Jesus, we are to walk among the hurting and reach out to them through every day kindnesses and hospitality. Welcoming people into our sometimes “messy” lives is something we can and should do. Butterfield’s book is a call to not only know our neighbors but to love them. To get back out on the front porches of life and off the internet and our phones! Many of our neighbors and friends are lonely. We need to practice the Lord’s hospitality by connecting with individuals face to face. Butterfield presents viable ways that we can be a witness for Christ to those around us each day by opening up our hearts and homes. As they observe the Lord at work in our everyday lives they will see the Gospel message of Christ in action and will ask “who is this Jesus Christ?”


TESTIMONIES TO THE TRUTH – WHY YOU CAN TRSUT THE GOSPELS by Lydia McGrew is one of Pastor Aaron’s favorite authors. Testimonies to the Truth brings together several of McGrew’s books into one informative and easy to understand book. Is the historical narrative found in the Gospels an account of what really happen 2000 years ago? And why should you even want to personally raise this question? McGrew’s book will enable you as a believer, to know what you believe and enable you to confidently defend your faith based on the reliability and trustworthiness of the Gospel message. Whether you have had a relationship with Jesus for many years, are a new believer in Jesus Christ, or if you have questions about Jesus Christ and how this impacts your life, you will find this book to be a valuable reference in your pursuit of your Christian faith. Testimonies to the Truth is a great book for yourself or to give as a gift to a friend.

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