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Our desire is to engage Bethel members and attendees in community and worldwide missions.  To accomplish this, we strive to do four things.

  1. Awareness – make missions activities more visible

  2. Enthusiasm – increase individual and corporate enthusiasm for mission work

  3. Support – provide financial and personal support to Bethel's missionaries

  4. Involvement - give individuals opportunities to become personally involved in missions 


We strive to make our missionaries known to the Bethel Community and to coordinate missions activities and missions trips for children, youth and adults.  Bethel supports the model of missions from Acts 1:8 where Jesus commissioned us to "be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” 

Becoming involved in missions work at any level broadens your world view – gives you exposure to a world outside of your current experience.  It allows you to be an active part of something much bigger than you could do individually.   It also expands your spiritual life and changes your perspective by seeing what God is doing in others.


The beauty of missions is that it doesn't fit into a box.  Although various mission opportunities are highlighted at Bethel, members are encouraged to find a ministry that "fits."  Bethel members are involved in many missions activities such as volunteering at Pregnancy Resource Center, Youth for Christ, and the Global Refugee Center.  Additionally, we sponsor/coordinate various missions trips and activities. 

Members can also become involved in the administrative side of the Missions Commission.  Service opportunities include coordinating missions events, assisting in communicating missions activities, helping the Bethel community to know their missionaries, and assisting in the preparation of the missions portion of Bethel's annual budget. 

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