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There times when we all need a little help or we know someone who does.  Look through our sermon series and links for help.


Listen online or download.  Look through our archive of series to listen at your leisure or on your drive to work.

God's Word Exposited

BIBLICAL Counseling

Are you experiencing hardship and need personal help?  We don't have anything to offer, but the Bible does! We would love to help you apply God's healing word to your situation if you're ready to do the work necessary to change.  Fill out a PDI, (Personal Data Sheet), and a pastor will reach out to you.


Good Reads

We have assembled a list of books and articles with links that are helpful for a wide range of topics.  


Forms / Registration

We have a series of forms from signing up for AWANA, youth trips, or announcements.  Click here to see what forms are available!



Other Helps

Do you have an unplanned pregnancy or something else that is turning your world upside down?  Look through these links or reach out to our staff.


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